The Making of “God Is”

CD - God Is

“Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” (Luke 1:45)…

I like the King James version too, because it says “there shall be a performance of those things”… making this new “God Is” album was a faith-growing adventure for me. I started with no money and no record company, two little details that are usually not overlooked. It seemed that all the regular doors just kept closing, and yet God kept giving me songs, and the real sense that He was using the songs. So I felt encouraged and frustrated at the same time. I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just have a fund-raising concert, and put out a ‘hat’ (you know, for the money!) and whatever goes in there, that’s what I’ll use.’ God provided friends who ‘loaned’ me their beautiful house, but even better their emotional support and practical help, like flyers and signs and folding chairs. It was scary–what if nobody came? What if God didn’t put any money in the hat?

The week before the concert I came to believe, through scripture, that the reason God hadn’t provided a regular record company was that HE wanted to be my record company. Just like He didn’t want to give Israel a king, because HE was their king. (1Sa 8) There’s more to this for me, personally (God is so personal!), because I know He’s growing my trust, wanting me to depend on only Him to ‘rescue’ me… but back to the concert. We had 48 folding chairs, (very heavy, metal chairs!) and about 14 people came. I panicked! As I was singing, I remembered Gideon, how God took down the size of his army so everyone would know the victory was of God, not man. (Jdg 7) So, those fourteen people dropped into the hat the majority of the recording money we used, and the rest came in the mail or was handed to me in the three weeks surrounding the concert. God provided; I was not to trust man or my own ideas of how the money would come, or even who would give it.

When I met with Grant (my friend/producer) to discuss the recording, he said, “This has got to look professional, like God is able to provide for His company, and there is not enough money here to package it, too”… I hadn’t even thought about the packaging, I just figured I would do without. We prayed together, that God would provide again. (this is starting to sound so neat and tidy–I want to tell you that I did alot of crying/praying/asking people to pray!)

I was singing at a men’s breakfast at my church, and the host introduced me by telling one of my tales of disappointment from my recent Nashville trip (one of the big ‘regular’ doors that kept closing!)–so I felt moved to share that I really believed God wanted to be my record company. And when I was done, my pastor came up to me and said, ‘If God is your record company, then I think we as your church should help you’–now those are beautiful words to hear! So the arts and music board (didn’t even know we had one) sponsored me. They made a cake, they put up flyers, they came around me and made me feel loved. And that was the night that the people came! The sight of my brothers and sisters passing the plate for ME, leaning over people in the pews, was so beautiful I had to sing looking down at the ground. It was too good to face head-on. I felt so much joy I forgot to even worry about if there would be enough money, and I guess you know there was.

Martha & Me

Martha & MeGod answered one more prayer as president of His record label–I wanted to record my friend Martha, a lady I visit in the nursing home, a tremendously faith-filled woman who used to be a gospel singer. She still sings harmony with me on the old hymns… but to do it I had to have someone willing to go to the nursing home to record her; she is severely stricken with rheumatoid arthritis and can’t get out of bed. Praise God that Grant was willing to take equipment to her, and on her birthday (an unplanned bonus from God!) we recorded some of her testimony on track 9, “Martha and Me”.

Play: Martha and Me

It amazes me that we have such a personal God, who wants to attend to the details that mean so much to us. He is a very thoughtful God. May He bless and encourage you today!