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This little camper is the latest addition to our one woman one dog family! Her name is ‘Blossom’ (I name everything…) She is made by an awesome Christian Company in Florida: if you’d like to see them for yourself. Now that Chloe and I have a ‘home on wheels’, we hope that you’ll invite us (me) to sing at your next church event…maybe in California??


“You have turned my mourning into dancing; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.” (Ps 30:11)

Catching Up: April, 2014

Dear friends, family of Christ and visitors,

I realized last night how far behind this website has fallen. 2013 was a very difficult year and I hope to catch up a little now.

At the end of 2012, my mother died in a nursing home in Ohio, on December 22nd. Two days later, my father, living in Virginia with his wife, committed suicide, on Christmas Eve.

The LORD held me up in 2013. He sent two different girlfriends with me to the two out of state funerals. He provided counseling and support through so many friends and through His word. He showed me, after much crying out to Him, that He had indeed gone before me, and before my father’s suicide, in His sovereign care for me. I am writing you the short version of His faithfulness to me.

I have also been drawn to a new fellowship, where I have received much needed intimacy and involvement from His body in my struggle to process and to heal.

I am so happy to see this particular Spring! Even my Christmas cactus is blooming a second time, right now in April. I don’t believe in coincidence.

I pray that whatever you will go through this year, that you will know the mighty and tender hand of God upon your life. He doeth all things well.

In Christian love,


Upcoming Children’s Concert Series: Spring 2014

Concerts especially designed for Homeschoolers, Sunday School classes, Youth choir groups, Awana, Christian Camps, VBS…or your next children’s event!

Children’s Concert Series


2012: Summer and Winter News:

VBS kids 2012

This past summer, like the one before, the Lord opened four VBS opportunities for me–I was so tired! :-) This picture is one of my groups, acting out their theme song, (Follow Me!) which the Lord gave me just for them. Truly the Lord equips us for what He calls us to do, and He gives me songs when I need them, to teach children His word. It is a joy to hear children sing my songs and to hear them sing about Jesus!

Along these same lines is the way the new Christmas Cantata came to be. From writing songs for our Christmas Pageants at Calvary Presbyterian Church and from writing for our youth choir which I lead, I was collecting a lot of Christmas music! It was natural to put it together into a Cantata format. I was longing to hear the adult choir sing some of the songs, but I didn’t want to put our music director on the spot, so I prayed to the Lord…then I asked her about doing a concert with the youth; leaving out the part about the adults… She answered, “If you’d like to get the adult choir involved we could do it together” and, voila, “A Christmas Cantata to Engage the Entire Church Family“! :-)


Chloe at work

Chloe at work

“In His hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.”  (Job 12:10)

May 13, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Just a note to tell you of God’s answer to my prayer to ‘stir me up’…. He did. :-) There will be a new DVD to accompany the new CD I’m working on; Living Things.

The song Living Things addresses divorce, loneliness, life without God, our throw-away society… and points to Christ as the answer. With the pictures the impressions made are deeper, and the call to turn to Christ is clearer. It speaks for the unborn and the already born; the elderly, the physically challenged, the weak. My goal is to point out the preciousness of life and the One to Whom all life belongs.

I am praying about purchasing a DVD/CD disc publisher so that I can hand out free ‘real’ copies wherever I sing. The new equipment would enable me to continue giving away ‘real’ copies of ‘Does God See This Child’ as well. I plan on posting the new DVD for free downloading from this website, as well as putting it up on all the ‘tubes’.

We are making good progress in the recording of the new CD! I am so grateful for your prayers for these new projects.

Love in Christ,
Susan Piper


Yet the LORD will command his loving kindness to me in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me…”  (Ps 42:8a)

March 19, 2009

Greetings Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds you well and ready for the Spring! I have much to tell you.

First of all, I think the LORD has answered my prayer for a ministry partner! She came with two extra legs, she leaves little white hairs in the car and I really don’t think she’s even saved… but she is a joy and a gift to me. Her name is “Chloe”, and I’ve attached a picture for you if you haven’t seen her already. She’s a ‘PBGV’ if you want to look that up on line and spend a happy hour or two. :-)

Chole and MeShe was a direct answer to a very specific and lengthy prayer! Our first two weeks put me in a great panic as we had many ‘potty issues’ but God was so faithful and helped me find a system for us (shall we say, housebreaking?!) that really DID work, and she has settled in very nicely now. She goes with me to the nursing homes where I do room visits at least once a week. She was never leash trained (she’s two and a half years old) and is very timid, so the answer to that difficulty is a ‘doggie carriage’ — yes, just like a baby stroller!– please don’t laugh at us too much! You can laugh a little. :-)

The sight of this adorable dog rolling down the hall in her green stroller brings laughter and joy to everyone, residents and staff alike! She’s right at wheelchair level, perfect for petting and just loves all the attention. She gets fussed over while I sing about the LORD. There’s something special that happens. It’s as if she’s a tangible expression of the Love that I’m singing about. On our first trip to the Protestant Home, a deaf woman sitting by the elevator lost what I thought was a permanent grimace and surprised the nurses and me by breaking into a huge smile at the sight of us. I could never sing to her, and she never wanted anything to do with me before. We had something of a conversation… at least we communicated somehow over this little dog.

I continue to give away the DVD of Does God See This Child. I’m very near the end of 3,000 copies. My prayer is that I can place another order of a thousand. I want to continue, even if I’m just throwing little drops of hope against the great heat of abortion that wants to consume our children…God is not limited by my smallness. I was advised to post it on Godtube, Youtube, etc., and in doing so found that someone had posted it there before me! The bad news is — he kind of… well, he stole it. The good news is, it’s received over 250,000 viewings in the two years he’s had it up there! I got over feeling violated, was reminded to put my treasure in heaven where thieves do not break in and steal, and thanked God for using it without my even knowing.

In the works is my new CD, Living Things. God willing, I begin recording the end of April. This album features many pro-life messages and touches on the difficulties and joys of being a Christian living on earth with one foot in heaven. There are songs about divorce, death, unbelief (don’t stop reading here!) faith, truth, our resurrection, heaven, and Romans 8:28. :-)

If I come to your mind, will you pray for me? I am so grateful to God for your friendship and encouragement. Will you keep me in mind for singing/witnessing at your church or gathering? Please feel free to forward this letter to anyone.

Love in our Saviour,
Susan Piper
& Chloe


The following is a newspaper article published in the Doylestown Intelligenceron March 30, 2006:

Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing

Christian singer-songwriter Susan Piper found both when she opened herself to a relationship with God. Now, she’s using her music to inspire others to do the same.

The pressure to be perfect can be a haunting expectation. Subtly expressed, dropped in a carefully chosen word there, a pointed reaction here, it can become embedded in a psyche, woven so securely into the fabric of a life that it becomes the very force that drives it.

For Susan Piper, it was a burden that proved her undoing, not once, but time and again as she tried, quite painfully, and very often futilely, to both escape and live up to the hopes of those around her.

The Christian singer-songwriter eventually found her perfection in the most unlikely place — a church with a concept of God that had, until she was ready to grasp it, been completely foreign to her…

Download the full article here (PDF format) »